About us

We Dig Games is a developer and publisher that was created as an offshoot of Mass Creation. We Dig Games is an experienced team working under a new banner, focusing on casual arcade games infused with online play, targeting PC and consoles.

Honest truth is right there, in our name – we DIG games. We also dig the culture of the Internet, after all, we have spent countless hours online. We’re experienced researchers and keen observers of current and upcoming trends, which allows us to turn them into titles that are easily accessible for the widest possible audience. Loads of fun, a chance to play online with friends, and a structure that allows the players to jump into the game at a moment’s notice – these are the key features of our games.

Our team is a group of experienced developers who have worked on HQ Ace and HQ Ace Unlimited – arcade-puzzle games released on PS4 as F2P titles. We’re currently working on new games and searching far and wide for inspiration that would allow us to expand our portfolio.

Our games

You may already know some of our titles developed under the banner of Mass Creation, but this is a new chapter and a whole new game – literally and figuratively.

Prepare for cuteness overload, relentless training and fierce rivalry as you and your hamsters take on challenges while traversing the maze and riding a skateboard, with more modes coming soon! Be the first ones to cross the finish line to earn rewards and yummy treats!

Contact us

Please get in touch with us if you need more information about our company or our games – you can do so via the form below or one of our social media channels.