About the game

Disco Samurai is a unique rhythm combat game set in the cyberpunk city of Disco, Pennsylvania. Challenge your skills by smoothly combining attacks, parries, dashes, and other abilities to the beat of the music. In a world without laws and rules, only those who master the blade are worthy of achieving glory and prosperity. As Fox, a rebellious student tangled in a conspiracy beyond her imagination, crank up the volume, seize the rhythm of the electrifying soundscape of synth wave and rock, and fight your way through a multitude of minimalist diorama arenas!


In Disco Samurai, both your and your enemy’s actions are synchronized with the beat of the music. As a samurai, you have to respect your enemies – pay attention to their attack indicators and alternate between parries, blocks and dodges to wear them down. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative and attack or use special abilities, such as kicking your foes into the environmental hazards to deal extra damage. Miss a beat and you’re dead meat – levels are short though, so trying again is a matter of seconds.

Boss battles
Face extremely dangerous bosses with complex attack patterns synced to their unique songs, giving each fight a personal touch.

Custom Music
After you complete a level, you may replay it again with custom music you loaded into the game.


The world has gone mad for Disco Samurai – a game set in the cyberpunk metaverse known as Disco. Everyone is playing it – your neighbor, your boss, and probably even your least favorite politician. People are not only purchasing virtual real estate, cars, and designer clothes, but they’re even insuring them! Sounds crazy? You tell me – since the game’s release, the world’s crime rate has decreased by over 77%! Why rot in jail for minor offenses, when in Disco you can become a notorious bounty hunter without facing any consequences?

The story follows Fox – a rebellious student who wants to make a name for herself in the world of architecture and fine arts. Since virtual vandalism and spilling pixel blood are more her style than attending lectures, the world of Disco is about to learn a new definition of “brutalism”.

System Requirements

Windows 10
AMD Ryzen 5 2600X / i5 9600k
4 GB
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
5 GB
Sound Card:
DirectX compatible
Additional Notes:
Requirements may change on release.